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Mountainbike adventures

The trails at our mountain farm Trånnåbakksætra, at the foot of mountain Rauhovden, has the perfect gradient and topography for enduro mountainbiking. Suitable for both beginners and advanced bikers.

The area has been used several years for the Norwegian enduro series. Two of the trails are named after our mountain farm.


We guide you to the best trails for your ability and wishes.

To encourage great bike adventures, we have high quality bikes from Rocky Mountain to rent out. Fatbikes for winter and bikebacking, and 27,5 + bikes.

We have mountainbikes in all sizes from kids to adults.

📷 Eva Spilleth


We share this place with the best trail keepers - sheep, goats, cows, horses and people with and without mountanbikes.

So, to keep farmers, hunters and hikers happy we strive for best sustainable practice- slow down, close the gates, smile and don't mountainbike after heavy rainfall.

Some of the best trails in the region starts from our doorstep.