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Who are we?

We are a small family run MTB farm company. After living in the suburb of city life, we took a choice to live closer to nature in 2013.

An urge to feel the seasons stronger, to raise our kids in fresh air, to be able to bike explore during mid-week and most of all to feel a deeper connection to mother earth.

After 2 years we bought the farm "Trånnåbakken" and our dream of becoming bike farmers is slowly becoming a reality.


Goats because of their attitude and mountain skills, (can you keep up with them?), their great ability to keep the landscape open, and contribute to some of the best singeltracks in Norway. We now have over 50 kasjmir goats.

Biking because it is our lifelong passion. Together we hope to welcome you in to our life and get you to see the landscape through a farmer and enjoy the singeltracks as a mountainbiker.

We hope to welcome and share a little of our mountain life with you!